Cooling Stand for Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X

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  • All-in-One Stand: It’s designed as a vertical stand, cooling fan, charging stand, and games storage, with USB hub, 2PACK 600mAh battery, 30 inch USB cable and sponge mats.
  • Universal Stand: Especially compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X.(NOTE: When charging,you can only use the batteries we attached,can't use other types of batteries, because the The interface is not matched.)
  • Heat Dissipation: Dual Cooling Fans efficiently lower console's temperature, accelerate the air circulation of the console system, prevent it from overheating, and prolong the life of the consoles.
  • LED Indicators: It takes 2.5-4 hours to charge the two controllers charge at the same time. Color RED indicates that it is charging, Color GREEN indicates that it is fully charged. Meanwhile the batteries can replace One-off battery.
  • Safe and Portable: Overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, anti-polarity protection design keep safer for both the controllers and batteries when being charged. The lightweight multifunctional charger stand is convenient to carry when traveling.

MENEEA Charging Station for Xbox One/S/X with Accessories


1. USB Port : USB Ports can durable Charging and Data Sync Cord while enjoying your game

2. Games storage : It can hold up to 12 gam discs. Keep your games safe and organized

3. LED Indicator : Red light indicates charging, while green light indicates fully charged

4. 600mAh battery: Instead of a one-time battery, carry it with you

5. Cooling fan:Keep your console have good heat dissipation

6. Compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X.


1.Product material: ABS
2.Accessories:USB cable
3.Battery capacity: 600mAh*2
4.power supply: USB 5V(directly attach to the console by USB cable)
5.Maximum fan speed:3500±10%PRM,maximum aire volum:12.6CFM
6.Charging Time:2.5-4hrs(two controllers charging at the same time)
7.Product length*width*height: 25.2*25.3*6.0cm (9.9in*9.9in*2.4in)
NOTE: When charging, you can only use the batteries we attached, can't use other types of batteries, because the interface is not matched.

Package content:
1* Multifunctional Cooling stand
2* Sponge Mats for Xbox One X, Xbox One S
2* 600 mAh Batteries
1* USB cable
1* English User Manual