Space Saving Hangers (Pack Of 10)

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  • Measures: 15x3x0.8"
  • Magic Cascading Hangers for space saving
  • Ideal for apartments, dorms, small houses
  • Can be hung vertically or horizontally to maximize home space
  • One set can hold up to 50 garments,high quality and strong enough to hold 5 clothes at the same time

Product Description

Name Plastic space saving Hangers Plastic Magic Hangers Metal Multifunction Hangers Crystal Skirt/Slack Hangers High grade Wooden Hangers Wooden Pants Hangers with Clips
Quantity 10 Pack 12 Pack 12 Pack 25 Pack 20 Pack 25 Pack
Color Black Black Silver Clear Walnut Wood color
Dimensions 9.4X4" 10.6X4.5" 10.5X1X1" 14" 17.7X9" 14"